Shania Twain Unveils Las Vegas Residency for 2024

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Shania Twain announced her intention to take another gamble in Las Vegas on Tuesday. Despite being engaged in her global Queen of Me Tour for a significant part of the year, Twain is set to revisit Las Vegas for her third residency in May 2024.

Dubbed as “Shania Twain: COME ON OVER – The Las Vegas Residency – All The Hits!”, the show will commence at the Bakkt Theater within Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on Friday, May 10, 2024. The tickets for the event will be available for purchase starting at 10 a.m. PT on Monday, August 21, via

Twain expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “I am thrilled to be making a return to Vegas with my third residency, COME ON OVER. Being on stage in Vegas is a tremendous privilege, and I hold a special fondness for this theater. The audience can anticipate a collection of ALL THE HITS, alongside a selection of cherished tracks from the latest album. With my spirits high, there’s no better place to celebrate than VEGAS, so I invite you all to join in the festivities!”

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Shania Twain disclosed to People that she intends to experiment more with fashion during her third residency, driven by her newfound appreciation for personally crafting her own style.

“I’ve come to truly enjoy the process of curating my own fashion,” the Canadian artist shared. “While I’ve always engaged in collaborations, this takes it to a whole new level. I plan to incorporate more of this during the Come on Over residency.”

While she refrained from revealing too much, Twain hinted that she will blend elements from her prior Las Vegas residencies and her ongoing tour into the more intimate setting of her upcoming show.

“I want to preserve an element of surprise,” she mentioned. “I’m drawing inspiration from my past Las Vegas shows as well as my current tour, infusing them into this smaller stage.”

The artist expressed that her current surge of energy is somewhat inexplicable. She surmises that it might be a mix of newfound confidence and gratitude.

“There’s a greater level of self-assurance within me,” she explained. “I don’t have room for self-doubt. I’d rather take a chance, even if it means making mistakes, as long as I’m progressing. There’s simply no time or space for fear or hesitation. The lessons I’ve learned along the way have taught me this.”

Twain added, “I admit I can be quite dedicated at times, but when I’m passionate about something, good luck trying to slow me down.”

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