Scotty McCreery’s Halloween Costume Takes an Unexpected Turn

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

Scotty McCreery, an avid baseball enthusiast, decided to don a baseball player costume for a Halloween-weekend performance on October 28. However, what came as a bit of a surprise to some is the team he chose to represent.

The country star dressed up as a Texas Rangers player, which raised eyebrows among longtime fans. This is because McCreery is well-known for his allegiance to the Boston Red Sox as his favorite Major League Baseball team.

His affinity for the Red Sox is rooted in his father’s Boston-area upbringing, and McCreery has been a devoted Red Sox fan since he was young, supporting other New England teams like the New England Patriots. Additionally, as a North Carolina native, he typically cheers for the NC State Wolfpack and their teams. While he appreciates various sports teams, it was unexpected that McCreery didn’t opt for a Red Sox jersey for his Halloween costume.

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In the context of his performance at the iconic Billy Bob’s Texas in the Fort Worth area, Scotty McCreery clarified the reason for his choice of Halloween costume in a Facebook post. The venue is located in the state of the Texas Rangers, making it more logical for him to pay tribute to the Rangers as a gesture of respect to their fans.

Additionally, McCreery has previously sung the National Anthem at a Rangers game, which further solidifies his connection to the team.

It’s worth noting that McCreery wasn’t the only one dressed in costume for the Billy Bob’s performance. Several of his bandmates joined in the Halloween fun, showcasing a variety of costumes, including a ghostbuster, a vampire, a wrestler, and more.

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