Scotty McCreery Announces 2024 “Cab in a Solo” Tour

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Tickets for the “Cab in a Solo” Tour will be available for purchase starting on Friday, October 13, at 10 AM local time through

In celebration of his 30th birthday, Scotty McCreery has announced plans to take the party on the road in 2024. McCreery revealed that he will embark on his headlining “Cab in a Solo” Tour, named after his current single.

The North Carolina native will have Anne Wilson as direct support, along with Greylan James and Noah Hicks. The tour will be promoted by Live Nation and is scheduled to begin at Hobart Arena in Troy, Ohio on January 26, 2024. The tour will include stops in various cities, such as Atlanta, Philadelphia, Boston, and more.

“I’m on the road year-round, but I always love putting together specific tours, and I think next year’s Cab in a Solo Tour is gonna be one of my favorites,” McCreery shared. “Happy to have Anne Wilson join us on the road – she’s a great singer. Depending on the city, either Greylan James or Noah Hicks will be opening up the show, and they’re both fantastic performers. And who knows, maybe I’ll share a few songs from my upcoming new album! I’m looking forward to it!”

Tickets for the “Cab in a Solo” Tour will be available for purchase starting on Friday, October 13, at 10 am local time through

The song “Cab in a Solo” is a heartfelt play on words, depicting the sorrow of heartbreak while sipping wine from a plastic cup in a pickup truck. McCreery co-wrote the song with Frank Rogers and Brent Anderson during a writing retreat in the North Carolina mountains.

The lyrics include: “Our break turned into broke up| So now I’m findin’ out how a heartbreak tastes| With a Silver Oak, 1998| Drinkin’ cab in a solo|Solo in the cab of my truck.”

McCreery fondly remembers that they weren’t sipping wine when they wrote this traditional country toe-tapper. Instead, they were gathered around a fireplace, enjoying Miller Lite. They only broke out the Cabernet once they had finished the song. Brent Anderson introduced the idea of “Cab in a Solo,” and McCreery was eager to start writing. They had the title, and they built the heartbreak story around it, explaining why he was turning to wine.

“It was a fun write,” he remarked. “We’re so excited about this song.”

McCreery’s Josh Turner influence is unmistakable in “Cab in a Solo,” and he indicated that fans should expect more of that traditional country and honky-tonk sound on the album.

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