Reba McEntire Prevents Dan + Shay from Recruiting a Country Contestant on The Voice — Leading to Their ‘Sweet’ Revenge

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“Initially, I thought she was a sweet lady. But now, she’s definitely showing her competitive side,” remarked Mooney about McEntire.

A friendly rivalry appears to have ignited among the country coaches on The Voice.

During Tuesday night’s episode of the NBC singing competition, tensions rose between coaches as Reba McEntire blocked Dan + Shay from recruiting contestant Donny Van Slee following his blind audition.

Van Slee, aged 30, took the stage and delivered a rendition of “Greatest Love Story” by LANCO. McEntire, aged 68, was the first to turn her chair, and the “Fancy” performer strategically used her one block of the season to prevent Dan + Shay from adding him to their team.

“You’ve initiated the battle. So, Reba, brace yourself. We’re coming for you,” Shay Mooney, aged 32, humorously warned McEntire.

McEntire then shared her perspective: “I adored your voice. The slight raspiness really resonated with me, and as soon as I heard you — my immediate thought was, ‘I have to block them.'”

After warmly welcoming Van Slee to her team, the “I’m a Survivor” singer surprised him with a gift of chicken tenders.

Later, during private interviews with the coaches, the “Tequila” duo expressed their astonishment upon discovering they had been blocked.

“I mean, Reba blocked us, the newcomers. How uncouth. Honestly, I’m taken aback — I thought she was a kind lady. Now, she’s showing her competitive side,” Mooney remarked.

Next up, Karen Waldrup, aged 36, took the stage for her blind audition, delivering a rendition of “Bye Bye” by Jo Dee Messina. Just moments into her performance, Dan + Shay swiftly turned their chairs and strategically blocked McEntire.

As they sang, “Bye bye, bye bye, Reba, bye bye,” following her performance, McEntire playfully responded, “Paybacks, paybacks!”

“Vengeance tastes sweet,” remarked Mooney. Later, Smyers chimed in, “Blocked the Queen of Country Music. That’s going on the resume.”

John Legend then weighed in, “Looks like a little rivalry is brewing. Will the Queen of Country continue to reign supreme, or will she face some real competition from Dan + Shay?”

During her private interview, McEntire expressed admiration for her fellow coaches just as Dan + Shay walked in.

“The other coaches are fantastic. Dan + Shay are absolutely amazing,” she praised, prompting the duo to playfully interject, “We’re not worthy.”

McEntire warmly hugged them both, acknowledging them as “a tremendous asset to The Voice.”

“We are genuinely honored to be part of this coaching panel alongside you. We’re the biggest Reba fans,” Smyers expressed.

Season 25 of The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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