Miranda Lambert Shares Insights on 5-Year Marriage with Husband Brendan McLoughlin: ‘He Holds Me Accountable’

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The Grammy winner expressed, “Everyone requires someone in their life who serves as a truth-teller.”

Miranda Lambert playfully acknowledges her husband Brendan McLoughlin’s “New York” personality, expressing gratitude for his straightforwardness. The 40-year-old singer disclosed on the Tuesday episode of the Tamron Hall Show that despite McLoughlin being one of her biggest fans, he doesn’t hesitate to share his honest opinions.

Lambert, before delving into McLoughlin’s candid feedback, mentioned that both he and her mother, Beverly, offer their distinct forms of support, making her feel cherished in unique ways.

Miranda Lambert shared insights into the dynamics of feedback from her loved ones, highlighting the contrasting styles between her mother and husband. Lambert described her mother as her “biggest fan” and a “hype girl,” emphasizing the positive and supportive nature of her encouragement. In contrast, Lambert humorously noted that her husband provides more straightforward and honest feedback.

The Grammy winner expressed her appreciation for her husband’s candid approach, stating, “My husband tells me the truth. He gives me harsh reality, and I love it.” Lambert playfully described the dynamic, mentioning that her husband “calls me on my s—,” emphasizing the importance of having someone in life who serves as a truth-teller. Lambert concluded with a lighthearted remark, saying, “He’s very New York about it.”

The couple first crossed paths in November 2018 when Miranda Lambert performed on ABC’s Good Morning America, where Brendan McLoughlin was working in security. After a discreet period of dating, Lambert disclosed on Valentine’s Day 2019 that the two had privately exchanged vows the month prior.

Reflecting on her journey, Lambert expressed her awareness of the immense pride her husband and mother share in her accomplishments. She emphasized their unwavering support, noting that both McLoughlin and her mother have been integral parts of her journey, standing by her “every step of the way.”

Miranda Lambert expressed deep gratitude for her mother’s unwavering support during an interview with Tamron Hall. Lambert acknowledged her mother’s consistent presence, sharing that during a series of eight shows, her mother attended nine, showcasing the remarkable dedication.

Reflecting on her mother’s battle with breast cancer, Lambert highlighted the immense support they received from friends and family. Despite the challenges, Beverly successfully completed months of treatment and has been cancer-free for a year.

The experience provided Lambert with valuable perspective, emphasizing the impact of such trials on individuals and families. Lambert noted the overwhelming support that poured in from unexpected quarters during challenging times. She shared that going through such difficulties gave her a deeper understanding of the stress on the entire family.

In closing, Lambert underscored the closeness of her family, stating, “It was really eye-opening for our whole family, but we’re very, very close.”

In June 2023, preceding the launch of her Walmart home-goods line, Wanda June Home, Miranda Lambert shared with PEOPLE that throughout her entire life, she witnessed her mother navigating challenging situations, picking herself up, and persevering.

The country music star named the home-goods line after her mother, Beverly June Lambert, and her grandmother, Wanda Louise Coker, as a tribute to their resilience and influence in her life.

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