Luke Combs Makes a Bold Fashion Statement Onstage in Scotland with a Kilt

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Country star Luke Combs, on his 2023 world tour, has been entertaining fans across the globe with his hit songs. As he nears the end of the tour with two significant shows in London, it’s his stop in Scotland and his unique fashion choice that has generated buzz.

Prior to his performance on October 16, Combs paid tribute to his Scottish roots by donning a custom-designed kilt. To achieve this distinctive outfit, the superstar collaborated with a renowned kilt shop in Glasgow named MacGregor and MacDuff.

Monique McPhie at MacGregor and MacDuff shared, “We were delighted to help Luke connect with his Scottish heritage during his visit to Glasgow. It has been a joy to work with him over the past few weeks for his specially made kilt and have him visit us in-store for an authentic kilt shop experience.”


Luke Combs encore in a kilt in Glasgow?! A little bit inconic of him tbh! The whole night was crazy – more to come from the pit soon, but had to show yall this now!! 🤠❤️‍🔥🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 #lukecombs #lukecombsglasgow2023 #lukecombsglasgow #lukecombskilt #lukecombstour2023 #glasgowovohydro

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Luke Combs delivered most of his show at OVO Hydro, recognized as “Scotland’s home of live entertainment,” in his regular attire, comprising a shirt and pants. However, just before returning for the encore, he made a striking wardrobe change into his custom red tartan kilt.

The crowd in Scotland reacted with enthusiastic excitement as he appeared in the custom kilt along with his cowboy boots. Combs then launched into a spirited rendition of his chart-topping hit, “Beer Never Broke My Heart,” while the Scottish audience sang along enthusiastically.

For those interested in learning more about kilt culture, a simple Google search can provide information. The distinctive patterns are known as tartans, and Combs had a selection of over 4,000 tartans to choose from, including the exclusive MacGregor and MacDuff Mist range tartans.

In a tribute to his mother’s maiden name, Fraser, the country star selected a Fraser tartan, adding a personal touch to his Scottish-inspired ensemble.

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