“Luke Bryan Marks 17th Wedding Anniversary with Wife Caroline: ‘Happy Years of Love Together’”

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Luke Bryan and Wife Caroline Share Parenting Journey with Sons Bo (15) and Tate (13)

Luke and Caroline Bryan are commemorating close to 20 years of their relationship! The singer of “Country On” and his spouse celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary last Friday by sharing a pair of video compilations. These videos showcased both their affectionate and playful moments.

In his post, the 47-year-old Bryan wrote, “Happy 17 years together, love. I adore you @linabryan3.” He mentioned that it was his inaugural Instagram Reel. The video, accompanied by the song “(I’ve Had) the Time of My Life” by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes, included selfies, snapshots from vacations, and more.

“Such an accomplishment! 😂 Love you!” commented Caroline, 43, on the post.

In her own post, she shared a similar video set to the tune of “Stuck with You” by Huey Lewis & the News. The compilation included playful shots, like one of her wearing a sweater with the caption “All I Want for Christmas Is Luke Bryan.”

“Happy 17th anniversary!!!! It’s pretty remarkable how we’ve managed to put up with each other for this long!!! I love you! ❤️ @lukebryan,” she captioned her post.

The couple first crossed paths at Georgia Southern University and tied the knot in 2006. They are parents to sons Tate, 13, and Bo, 15, and also provide support for their nieces Jordan and Kris, as well as nephew Til, following the unexpected passing of Bryan’s sister Kelly and brother-in-law Lee.

In a PEOPLE cover story from August, Bryan shared insights into his connection with Caroline, emphasizing her unwavering support for his signature on-stage hip-shaking.

“If she had discouraged the hip-shaking, it might have been a bit problematic,” he quipped. “But she’s always maintained a lighthearted perspective. She understands that people come to see me to have a good time and let loose. She has never hindered that or restricted how I perform.”

The host of the CMA Awards also disclosed that in the initial phases of their relationship, during his pursuit of stardom when he was earning $15,000 a year, Caroline played a role in covering expenses with her job as a pharmaceutical sales representative.

“When we began having children, she was at home taking care of the kids. I was on the road for 300, 320 days a year, working on building my career. It’s always a balancing act,” he explained. “There are numerous sacrifices that need to be made, and the ultimate goal is for everyone to support each other, prioritize the well-being of the family, the marriage, and the career. It’s crucial to communicate as much as possible.”

Bryan further mentioned that they currently have a “very joyful family” and relish the moments spent together at their home in the Nashville area.

“Our house is brimming with a lot of vitality, with people constantly coming and going—friends and family. My wife’s brother and his two young children are in the pool every day, learning to swim,” he shared. “My wife and I often find ourselves looking out the window, wondering, ‘Whose vehicle is that driving through the farm?'”

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