Garth Brooks performs at the Vatican and participates in a star-studded peace conference.

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

Garth Brooks expressed his appreciation for the inclusive message of the event, stating, “The overarching theme was the importance of uniting all religions and beliefs, and that resonated with me.”

Garth Brooks, known for his vocal support for peace and equality, recently journeyed to the Vatican with his wife, Trisha Yearwood, to attend the World Meeting on Human Fraternity conference. Invited by the Fratelli Tutti Foundation to perform, Brooks joined a lineup of international celebrities, politicians, Nobel Peace Prize laureates, and athletes committed to advancing peace initiatives.

Reflecting on the experience, Brooks shared, “You learn a lot of things. The overarching message emphasized the necessity of uniting all religions and beliefs, which deeply resonated with me.” He acknowledged that while the idea is currently in its early stages, he emphasized the importance of dreaming and envisioning such ideals. “You can’t have reality without dreams. Somebody’s got to think of it,” he added, acknowledging the challenges in transforming such aspirations into tangible realities.

Over 350 guests, including notable American figures like former astronaut and U.S. Senator Bill Nelson, New York City Mayor Eric Adams, and football icon Tom Brady, gathered for the event themed around #behuman.

Reflecting on the diversity of attendees, Brooks remarked, “What you find is we’re really not that different.” He described conversations at the event, ranging from family matters to future aspirations and policy discussions, illustrating how common ground transcends barriers constructed by society. Meeting with Pope Francis, Brooks noted the Pontiff’s belief in the transformative power of children.

Expressing optimism about the event’s impact, Brooks highlighted the unity among individuals from various backgrounds and cultures who converged to advocate for peace. He emphasized the importance of maintaining personal integrity amidst efforts to enact change, stating, “The more important message right now is just [to] let the world know that it will not change you.”

Concluding the event with a heartfelt acoustic performance, Brooks reiterated his commitment to the cause of peace, stressing, “I tell you, it is so worth the work it’s going to take.” He underscored the shared aspiration for global peace as the ultimate goal of the gathering.

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