Collaboration Between Charlie Worsham and Luke Combs on “How I Learned to Pray”

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Charlie Worsham expresses his admiration for the video’s approach, highlighting its ability to showcase the song as the central focus.

Country music artist Charlie Worsham, known for his roles as a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, has garnered a strong fan base in the genre. Notably, he has received support from fellow musicians who eagerly contributed to his upcoming album “Compadres,” set for release on October 13.

This collection of five tracks includes collaborative performances with notable artists such as Dierks Bentley, Elle King, Kip Moore, Lainey Wilson, and Luke Combs. Luke Combs teamed up with Worsham on the track “How I Learned To Pray,” accompanied by a music video that was recently unveiled.

Worsham shared his perspective on the video, emphasizing its focus on highlighting the song itself. He appreciated the glimpse into the recording process, as he and Luke Combs could be seen singing in the studio. However, he also valued the video’s ability to spark fans’ imaginations by leaving certain aspects open-ended. Worsham likened this quality to his favorite songs, which invite listeners to connect their own life stories with the music and visuals.

The song “How I Learned To Pray” was co-written by Worsham, Jeremy Spillman, and Ryan Tyndell. It was originally featured on Worsham’s “Rubberband” album. The collaboration with Combs holds particular significance for Worsham, as he recognizes Combs’ long-standing admiration for the song. This admiration serves as a source of inspiration, as Combs’ appreciation for “How I Learned To Pray” has spanned many years and left a lasting impact on both artists.

“The collaboration between Luke and me embodies that magical essence of Nashville, an experience unique to the city that resonates with the spirit of country music,” he expressed. “Listening to ‘Pray’ now, it reflects the journey I’ve undertaken, the growth I’ve achieved in both life and music. It’s a sentiment that truly uplifts.”

In a twist of fate that fittingly mirrors the song’s themes, Worsham and his wife encountered an unexpected situation on the morning he was scheduled to contribute overdubs for his guitars, mandolin, vocals, and other elements. Their son, Gabe, needed to be taken to the emergency room. Despite his intended 10 a.m. studio commitment, life’s unpredictable turns delayed his arrival.

“To cut a long story short, Gabe was fine, and we eventually reached the studio later in the day,” Worsham recounted. “The balance between being a dad and a musician was a challenge I hadn’t quite encountered before. It’s almost as if I was living out the essence of ‘How I Learned To Pray!'”

Worsham’s aspiration is that listeners will connect their own life narratives with the lyrics of “How I Learned To Pray,” finding affirmation in their personal journeys.

“Life is chaotic, and finding solace in the shared human experience is comforting,” he affirmed. “My faith holds immense importance, but it’s not always neatly contained; it finds its way into the crevices of both my triumphs and trials. To truly grasp the circular nature of faith and life, I encourage you to listen to the original rendition of ‘Pray’ from my album ‘Rubberband,’ followed by the new version with Luke. Hindsight doesn’t just offer clarity; it presents an opportunity to see what God may have perceived all along.”

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