Cody Johnson Discusses “The Painter” and Highlights His Resilient Wife’s Strength

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Cody Johnson Shares An Anecdote About His Wife Preventing Him from Riding a Bull for Charity and Subsequently Shopping for Life Insurance

Cody Johnson Set to Unveil New Song “The Painter” as a Tribute to His Wife, Brandi

Scheduled for release on Thursday night, Cody Johnson’s latest track “The Painter” is a heartfelt homage to his wife, Brandi.

Johnson shared his sentiments about the song, stating, “My favorite line in ‘The Painter’ is, ‘For every wall I built, she saw a canvas.’ That line truly encapsulates my relationship with my wife, Brandi. It’s the essence of our 15-year journey together.”

He further explained that this sentiment has been a cornerstone of their enduring relationship, and he aspires for listeners to resonate with the song and be inspired to value the individuals who contribute to the beauty of their lives.

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“Remember them and let them know you love them,” he advised.

During a conversation with Kelleigh Bannen on Apple Music’s Today’s Country Radio, Johnson delved into the song and the highs and lows that he and his wife have experienced throughout their relationship and his career.

“There have always been fresh starts,” he expressed. “In my music journey, you reach moments where you question, ‘Can I continue this? Can I persist, traveling back and forth, earning just $100 per night, struggling to afford gas for the van?’ And she’s there, affirming, ‘Yes, you can.’ You left a secure job for a reason, and you’re capable of succeeding.”

So, he embarked on a new path. He paralleled this notion to their marriage.

“There have been instances where we’ve needed to pause, regroup, and declare, ‘Hey, we’re in this for the long haul. Let’s halt here, start over, and approach this as a united front because we understand it’s the right course of action,'” he explained. “I believe that’s a raw sentiment. Moreover, it highlights the significance of a man taking the time to pause and acknowledge that she has the ability to remind you of what’s correct and what’s misguided.”

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At times, Brandi takes the initiative to determine what’s right and wrong independently and then communicates her decision to her husband. Johnson, who has a background in rodeo, contemplated the idea of getting back on a bull for a charitable cause. However, Brandi firmly said no.

Recalling the exchange, Johnson shared, “She was like, ‘No, I don’t think so.’ I told her, ‘Look, I’m in much better shape now than when I used to ride bulls. Plus, I could potentially raise a substantial amount of money for a really worthy cause.’ But she insisted, ‘No, I don’t think so.’ Then, about a week later, she was discussing life insurance policies, and I’m still not sure what to make of it.”

Johnson conceded that Brandi possesses a resilience greater than his own—out of necessity.

“It’s not all easygoing and pleasant,” he acknowledged. “But indeed, she’s the driving force behind much of this, and I’m willing to admit that.”

“The Painter” is part of Johnson’s upcoming album, scheduled for release later this year.

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