Ashley McBryde Discloses Her One-Year Sobriety Journey

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

Ashley McBryde is currently excelling in both her professional and personal life. She recently unveiled her latest album, “The Devil I Know,” and has earned nominations for the 2023 CMA Awards in the categories of Female Vocalist of the Year and Album of the Year.

In addition to her career achievements, McBryde is experiencing newfound physical well-being. During a recent interview on “Today’s Country Radio With Kelleigh Bannen,” she revealed that she has maintained sobriety from alcohol for more than a year now.

She mentioned, “I haven’t been keeping a strict count, but it’s been over 450 days,” she explained. “I recall the last time we talked, it was around 100 days ago.”

The singer known for “Light on in the Kitchen” confesses that she has been discreet about her sobriety journey, fearing that discussing it might invite setbacks or tempt her back into old patterns.

Reflecting on this, she shares with Bannen, “It was quite a nerve-wracking moment to sit down and talk about it, but I was determined not to share with anyone, even casually, until I had reached a year.”

McBryde had reservations about “messing it up,” explaining, “but the current state is truly wonderful.”

In their conversation, McBryde and Bannen delve into how alcohol can stealthily infiltrate one’s life, particularly in the music industry. Often, individuals may not even realize why they turn to alcohol until they take the time to identify the underlying reasons.

She acknowledges, “When you uncover that the excessive drinking was merely a way to numb yourself because you couldn’t face certain emotions, your mind was like, ‘I can’t handle this, I can’t.’ Well, that’s not acceptable, so I’d rather endure the pain.”

Now, she asserts that she’s learned how to confront her discomfort and admit to it, without resorting to substances.

She admits feeling remorse about boasting in the past about her capacity to outdrink others, stating, “What a terrible thing to acknowledge. You’re so vulnerable that you have to consume an entire bottle of something just to avoid feeling your emotions.”

McBryde is currently on tour in support of her album, “The Devil I Know.”

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